The CEO of Apple and an advocate of data privacy for a long time, Tim Cook has made an impassioned speech to call for new laws to be implemented for digital privacy in the US. During a privacy conference in Brussels, Cook said that modern technology has led to a data-industrial complex where personal information is used as a weapon against people with military efficiency. This is getting done in a way that does not only affect individuals but also the whole sections of society. Cook said that platforms and algorithms, which promised to improve people’s lives, can actually increase some of the worst tendencies of human beings. Rogue actors along with governments have taken undue advantage of user trust to create even deeper divisions, stir up violence and even gone on to underestimate the shared sense of what is actually true and what is false. The crisis indeed exists.

Though Tim Cook did not specify the circumstances, which are behind the crisis, still it is clear he was indicating towards the recent events. Cook stressed upon the fact that Apple is committed to maintaining privacy. He has heaped his praise on the successful implementation of privacy law GDPR in Europe. Cook even said that, at Apple, employees are in full support of a comprehensive federal privacy law in the United States. He even marked out some four key areas, which he believes should be turned into legislation. The areas are the right to have personal data minimized. Then there is a right for the users to know what kind of data is collected on them.

Even before, Tim Cook in his outspoken nature, have talked about privacy rights. He had even called to tighter regulations in the past. This is something, which has shaken up, with critics claiming such regulations to be a hindrance for innovation. In Brussels, during his speech, he said the potential of the technology is and always should be rooted in the faith people have in it. He even gave a speech through a tweet, which said that it all comes up to a concrete question. That question is, in what world are we staying.

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