Devices with the foldable screen are going to be the next big invention in the global technology market. The era will start with smartphones that fold into tablets, and that tablets can be folded into laptops. The leading tech giants like Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung are already working on foldable handsets. It is predicted that Samsung and Xiaomi will launch their devices in the upcoming year. Samsung is working for a laptop with a foldable display. The company announced this during the launch event for the Samsung Notebook Flash.

As reported by The Korea Herald, unlike foldable smartphones, Samsung is integrating with display makers for developing flexible displays. These displays will not only fold in but will create a new trend and enhance user experience. Obviously, the company’s vision for foldable displays has crossed mobile devices. Samsung already developed smartphone in the series of foldable devices which will be unveiled in the upcoming month. Samsung’s vice president of marketing for PC’s, Lee Min-Cheol, said the company is creating this new form factor for laptops. He said Samsung is currently developing large AMOLED display technique exclusively for laptops. The notion is to develop new user experiences and a laptop with a foldable display will do just that. However, Lee did not say regarding the launching of product in the tech market.

Simultaneously, other tech companies like Lenovo is also reported to be developing a foldable laptop. The company has also integrated with LG for flexible OLED screens. On the other hand, Microsoft is persistently dropping hints that a foldable Surface device is going to roll-out soon. Although, users want their devices to be powerful without compromising portability. The entire thesis of this form factor is that one can work on the go. A foldable display notebook could take the tech world to a new extent. Whereas, users can simply fold the display for a smaller work on the go. This may also permit for additional use cases relevant to multitasking. Although, more details regarding the foldable laptop may be rolled out at Samsung Developer Conference to be held in San Francisco on 7th of November.

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