The United Kingdom has just fined Facebook, $645,000 over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Under the law, this was the fine most allowed. On the basis of their last year’s revenue, Facebook earns $645000 in less than 9 minutes of their operation. Earlier in the year, Facebook came under fire. It was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the secret data of almost 87 million people all over the world. The CEO of the firm seemed to brag in undercover footage that it had assisted in getting President Trump elected. It takes credit to be one of the many reasons behind Trump’s rise to power in the United States.

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom released a statement about the fine. It has even claimed that the harvested data contained at least one million users from the UK. The investigation by ICO found that, in the period between 2007 and 2014, Facebook processed the personal information of users in an unfair manner. They allowed application developers to access users’ information without getting the consent in a sufficiently clear and informed manner. The access was allowed even when the users did not download the application. In today’s times, the fine is really small. The data breaches from now on will invite stronger penalties. From earlier this year, implementation of strict new laws has taken place. The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham said through a statement that they considered the contraventions to be extremely serious. Hence, they imposed the maximum penalty under the last legislation. Invariably, the fine would have been a lot higher under the GDPR.

The new General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union includes lot harsher maximum fines that can go up to millions of dollars. Companies can get charged up to 4 percent of their revenue for the most serious offenses. The bad publicity forced Cambridge Analytica to close their doors. Still, Trump’s campaign is going on in full force for the election in 2020. The former employees of Cambridge Analytica are utilized to make sure that Trump holds the fort in the U.S. over in Europe. They are still not yet through with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga.

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