Android manufacturers will have to pay Google an amount in Europe in order to include Google’s apps on their devices, the Verge reported. A confidential fee structure displayed costs like $40 per device to install “Google Mobile Services” suite of apps. The app suite included Play Store, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, News, Drive, Calendar and many more. Google Search or Chrome was not included in the list. The cost of this bundle is dependent upon three tiers of the country and three tiers of the device said Google. The topmost tier of the countries includes the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. Those countries will be charged $40 for mobile phones above 550 ppi, $20 for phones with a ppi between 400 and 500. Additionally, the phones below 400 ppi will be charged $10 per phone, Google added.

Last week, the Alphabet Inc. company complied with EU’s $5 billion antitrust ruling by changing the way it bundles its apps. It permitted phone manufacturers to create devices with modified or forked versions of Android along with phones having Google’s version. The European Commission announced Google’s practice of binding Chrome and Search with Android as an illicit. By unbinding the apps, Google has theoretically created a competitive market for default browsers and search engines. The act has permitted companies to select and negotiate among widely available apps in the global market. However, users will receive the best apps on their devices, that too without any charge.

But as the details are rolled out, describing the structure of changes is going to influence Google’s mobile dominance in the EU. The company seems to expect rich people to spend on a phone and happily pay for their apps. In reality, Google is not expecting any phone producer to pay for the apps. This is another way for the company to avoid another $5 billion fine while persisting to bind-up their apps with Android. They want to make a new deal with the manufacturers which will include “Google Mobile Services” bundle and Google Chrome and Search. However, including Search and Chrome with its other apps financed its development of Android, so to offset the lost proceeding, it is launching a new licensing fee. The new fees will be charged from 29th of October for any new smartphone or tablet models installed with Google’s Android OS. The fees in only applicable to the models launched in the European Economic Area stated Google.

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