Google Maps is one of the popular apps of the company, and it’s developing these days. Now it’s not the old app that helped users to get from one place to another. It’s now enhanced with a number of features including an ability to search dine-ins for its users. It seems the company wants its user to stay in the app as long as possible. It aims to use Google Maps to interact with businesses users are trying to find. On this account, Google is rolling out a new facility for its business customers. Now business customers will quickly reach their customers. The company is today initiating the launch of a rebuilt Google My Business mobile app.

Additionally, the app is available for iOS as well as Android users. My Business app will bestow new tools which will enable businesses to view customer information. Now in one touch businesses will be able to reveal its followers, reviews, comments, and messages. Also, there’s a new way to create content swiftly, a step to publish their business profile on Google’s platform. The move arrives shortly after a fresh update to Google Maps that imported a new “Follow” button. The latest update is to stay notified about promotions, events and other news. Thus, Google’s business profile is in line with Facebook pages. The move initiated a direct rivalry with the social media giant.

On the other hand, through Business Message users can directly contact a store or restaurant and ask questions or place an order. In the rebuilt Google My Business app, a new “Customers” tab will cluster a business’s customers and their budding customers. To reach a business, the user may use a “Message” button on Google Maps or Google Search to contact. Formerly, businesses used to reply to these messages from their phones messaging platform. But now they are facilitated to do so from within the Google My Business app. Moreover, the user has to tap the follow button within Maps and start getting new releases, news, and information about offers from a business.

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