A new privacy website has been launched by Apple on Wednesday. It makes it easier to download a full copy of everything that has been stored by a user on the company’s server. The information can also be deleted in case a user wants to migrate from apple to another company. The facility is available for consumers located in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The move binds together the four countries in line with Europe, where Apple initiated a simpler way to download a copy of user data. Under GDPR, the EU residents have the right to get a copy of information a company saves about them.

The customers can also withdraw formerly given permission for a company to collect user data. They can also request to delete the stored information. Customers are free to take the data to another service provider as per the norms inclusive of a right to know how a company is processing their data. One can get a copy of app usage and activity, App Store activity, iCloud bookmarks, iCloud Calendars, Notes and much more. An entire copy of users iCloud Drive, iCloud mail, iCloud Photos is also made available. But this may take some time to download due to the large file size. The files exclude iTunes content purchased by the user, as this type of data does not come under personal data.

The webpage comprises of links to request that Apple correct user’s data, deactivate users account and permanently delete user’s account. For downloading data, a user has to visit Apple’s new privacy website i.e. privacy.apple.com and choose among the download options. Once the user selects the required type of data to be downloaded, it is required to select the desired file size. The selection of maximum file size is recommended. Unlike the deletion of other data, the information stored on the Apple’s server can also be deleted with few clicks. Apple aims to expand the tools to the user in other countries in forthcoming months.

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