Your iPhone will automatically warn you if you are getting a spam call. Apple has invented a technology for detection of spoofed call information. It seems that Apple feels the spam call pain of its users. This technology will facilitate an iPhone to check whether the call is legal or not. If the call is illicit, the phone would automatically prompt the user with a warning. Additionally, it may not notify call to the user, i.e. iPhone may not ring or vibrate. The patent was firstly spotted by Apple Insider.  It was filed in April 2015, and entitled as ‘Detection of spoofed call information’.

Many times spammers use an ID value or number that will be easily trusted by the called party. For example, numbers associated with law enforcement, family members or electric companies. As described in the patent the technical data of incoming calls will be analysed by Apple’s system. It will determine the type of call, whether they are legitimate or masked. They may be forwarded in the form of internet calls that are hidden in a spoofed caller ID.

Google is a frontier in the race of spam call blocking. Pixel smartphone already functions on the indication of spam calls. It is also going to add another layer to the Pixel 3. The new update will enable Google Assistant actually answer and screen suspicious calls for its users. It will transcribe the response in real time and make it easy to block and report the number for spam. On the other hand, Apple’s system described that its patent is not similar to that of Google.

It is important to be noted that Apple files many patents. But actually, it doesn’t use all of them. In this case, there’s no guarantee Apple will actually add this to its smartphones. Since spam calls are getting worse, people are mistrusting calls from unknown numbers. An incident of Nobel Prize winner has been reported regarding the spam call. Paul Romer from the New York University, recently noted that he has won this year’s Nobel prize in economics. He ignored calls notifying him of his victory just because he thought that they were spoofed calls. Therefore, if Apple appends this patent into iPhones, it will be a revolutionary step for its users.

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